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Developer Tools

Nornir offers several developer tools for you to make your own microservice ecosystem for IoE and IoT.


Nornir offers dedicated training sessions to enhance your experience with using our developer tools.

Tech Consulting

Nornir tech consultants help you grow your idea into digital or physical products.


Our team will work closely with you to customise a hosting solution tailored to handle all your requirements.

Data Trading on Web

Nornir provides a series of developer tools that will help you design and develop advanced end-to-end software infrastructure for your business. Promising also, to reduce IoT/AI development time and cost.

IoT on web

Nornir provides knowledge and expertise in developing IoT products and services. From idea to end product we offer you faster time to market and strengthen your competitive advantages.



We would love to assist your IoT project

Facility Management

Facility Management

Data capturing infrastructure to secure your predictive maintenance of all your facilities.

Health & Care

Health & Care

Improve life quality and caring with passive, ambient and unobtrusive GDPR compliant sensor network.

Services & Utilities

Services & Utilities

Enhance your customer services using our top of the range technology to retrieve vital information from all your endpoints.


Why customers choose to work with us

Service Innovation

Grow your service level by acquiring essential knowledge from all service points.


Unified communications between different network protocols that is backward compatible with the current web.

Cost Savings

Drastically reduce the time and cost spent on development, implementation and maintenance.

Extreme Scalability

A self growing open network and the most scalable system in the world. It provides end-to-end connectivity between the clients and endpoints.

True Real Time

A super high speed (≈ zero latency) system where data sources can appear in various contexts in true real time.

Advanced Security

Full stack decentralized GDPR compliant infrastructure with p2p security.  Distributed intrusion detection systems on each endpoint.

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Evolutions and Projects

Benches at Modern european complex of apartment buildings. And outdoor facilities.

Retrofit IoT for Facility Management

Nornir brings the future of smart living to you and your residents. Unlike traditional methods of connecting devices or things to the Web, we help anyone connect anything, through bi-directional linking. There are no limits to what you can achieve with our unique technology.

Pretty woman using coffee vending machine.

Driving a Data Revolution in Vending Industry

Our professional team helps sectors like vending machine operators, connect any type of vending machine systems and provide valuable insights into how vending customers are engaging with their machines by looking at purchase behaviour for their products.

passenger In the Malaysia airport

Increasing security and digitalization in Aviation

Our expert technology is built around a private and secure network for the aviation industry. With the real-time improvement of security, surveillance and tracking, we offer a scalable and compatible network that enhances the passenger experience.

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Unleashing the full potential of the Internet of Things


The ultimate tool to power the Real Time Web

Nornir Domain Service (NDS) is your application dashboard for managing you microservice network. It allows you to:

  • Define your own microservice and data structure
  • Link to other services to personalized real-time data streams
  • Link your services to 3rd party services to merge pieces of data into the same stream
  • Distributed access control to enable privacy and restrict access to data
  • Build your own ecosystem of microservices
  • Build AI and neural network of you microservices

Sign up today for early access to NDS and start exploring the fastest microservice network in the world.



Get your hands dirty

We are providing an open source community and academic training programs for software developers, embedded hardware developers, IT-consultants, and everyone that is interested in Real Time Web technology and Event Driven Infrastructure.

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