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Nornir is a deep tech company with visiting address in Oslo Norway. Nornir provides software tools for software and hardware developers, specialized in web communication and IoT.

The research started out in 2008 by the company Synaptic Technologies which later became Real Time Web International in 2017. Nornir was a spin-off company that was established in 2013. The purpose was to commercialize the research and transform it into practical real-life applications.

Nornir´s provide networking technology based on a distributed runtime kernel that enables bidirectional Linked Data in a heterogeneous network. The kernel is named Synx BIOS (Basic Input/output system) and is a full stack multidimensional distributed kernel that was invented by Paal Kristian Levang a Norwegian IT expert. The first workable prototype was implemented in 2010 in collaboration with IT security expert Henrik Silverkant. Henrik later implemented a new upgraded version of SynxBIOS which is used in private cloud-based Real Time Web networks.

In 2013, RTW was tested in a real-life environment in the city of Steinkjer Norway. The first Internet of Things (IoT) service that was created on RTW was a surveillance application for elderly persons using several wireless radio nodes based on Dash7 protocol and shared data with several web browser apps instances. This was the first official IoT application using Real Time Web to solve a real-life problem using bidirectional linking technology without the use of a traditional database, middleware or API (programmable interface).

In 2014 several applications were developed across different carriers and communication protocols like Zigbee, Dash7, LoraWan, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and WiFi proved that end2end connectivity across different networks could be achieved without routing the data through a centralized hub. The Real Time Web network shows unique ability to cross network (silos) communication and the network was successfully tested for 3 years.

In 2016 Nornir implemented distributed privacy and security into the Real Time Web network. This enabled end to end protection on data packages and an important new feature on the web where users can preserve their privacy on their web resources globally without interfering with domains ownership in an open network space.

In 2018, Nornir plan to launch series of new developer tools. The tools enable developers to develop microservices, AI and IoT for a global Real Time Web network.

Our vision

Eternal widespread ownership of the web

We founded our company on a visionary spirit and passion of bringing breakthrough solutions for the connected world. Our goal is to help local companies and municipalities to build communities that innovate and create new markets.

At Nornir we see the Web (WWW) as the world’s biggest marketplace and an unparalleled platform for innovation. We believe in a web that rewards and protects the interests of the ones who create value. We wish to make sure everyone has the best opportunity to develop their ideas and benefit from what they create. Our guiding principle is to allow eternal widespread ownership of the Web. To better solve existing tasks and future development, we wish to fundamentally upgrade the Web, by adding new dimensions.

Our mission is to enable an open ecosystem for the Real Time Web – an intelligent network that will continuously evolve.

Through our technology, business model and philosophy we enable an open ecosystem for the Real Time Web (RTW) – an intelligent network that will continuously evolve. The ecosystem consists of network infrastructure, software and objects needed to efficiently manage and connect the physical world to the virtual world, and vice versa – in real time.

The Real Time Web has potential to become the standard of Internet of Things/Everything. Things have already been connected to the Web for decades. With the Real Time Web we provide a universal and streamlined way of connecting things, intended to boost innovation everywhere and to support the world’s creative economy.

With the Real Time Web one can easily link to things, in the same way as we already link to files and computers on the Web.

The more applications developed for the Real Time Web, the more the network grows, and the more resources will be available for further development.

Company structure

Part of  Real Time Web family

Nornir is 100% owned subsidiary by the investment company Real Time Web International. The company is privately owned by friends, family and business angels. The investment company is registered with the “Verdipapirsentralen” (securities depository) and is open to the public that wishes to invest. For stakeholders please contact the investment company directly from company web page http://www.rtwint.com

We take great pride in keeping our company transparent for partners and shareholders. Support from our shareholders enables Nornir’s revolutionary technology to enter the market. And we are very grateful to have them on board.

We are always looking for talented people that are open-minded, enthusiastic and got the inner motivation to help others. Nornir’s main goal is to create the future web for the Internet of Everything.

Company structure

Once in a lifetime investment opportunity

Real Time Web International is the parent company of Nornir AS. We take great pride in keeping our company transparent for partners and shareholders. Support from our shareholders enable Nornir’s revolutionary technology to enter the market.

We are currently securing significant funding to launch our quantum leap technology and allows us to scale our business. We are looking for open minded, enthusiastic investors that want to help realize Nornir’s vision to create the future web for Internet of Everything.

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Sales Tel: +47 482 01 265
Investor relations Tel: +47 482 01 265

Corporate Address
Jakob Weidemanns gate 9, 7713 STEINKJER,

Visiting Address
Nydalsveien 33,
0484 Oslo

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Meet the Team

A perfect blend of creativity & technical wizardry

Paal Kristian Levang

Henrik Silverkant
Co-founder / CTO

Francis Melemedjian

Magnus W. Molaug
Software Developer

Stig Skjelvik
Project Manager

Asveig Marie Levang
Project Manager

Wenying Zhang (Yen)


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We love working with journalists around the world to share compelling, unique stories. If you are a member of the media and would like to talk, please contact paal@nornir.no.

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