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Nornir offers various frameworks and tools to help developers get started with Real Time Web and IoE services.

Real Time Web (RTW) is a bidirectional Linked Data network, which is self-scaling like the World Wide Web. Also, RTW is backward compatible with web infrastructure meaning it can utilise existing infrastructures, making the process time and cost efficient.

Developer tools

Nornir offers several developer tools for you to make your own microservice ecosystem for IoE and IoT.


Nornir offers dedicated training sessions to enhance your experience with using our developer tools.

Tech Consulting

Nornir tech consultants help you grow your idea into digital or physical products.


Our team will work closely with you to customise a hosting solution tailored to handle all your requirements.

Benefits of Nornir Real Time Web

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The challenge facing competing (current) systems is that they must operate with central servers and middleware in the processing of data between services. RTW represents a quantum leap in better performance, bandwidth and redundancy. The advantages in using RTW are numerous, but the following are the three most important qualities compared to development with the use of “traditional” cloud technology:

Nornir Real Time Web network has the ability to protect and tag data processing in an open ad-hoc network. Using the “tagging” of web addresses, and an operating system that constantly controls the ownership of the network(s), this opens possibilities for direct valuation of web resources. The closest thing to such a solution today is sms ‘billing’ engine from telecom companies like Telenor, where you pay for each sms sent in a closed system. With Nornir RTW it is possible to tag all forms of running communication in the same manner, since data is sent online between network URLs that are linked regardless of the communication protocol. Nornir RTW can thus trace data and generate trails when data change hands in the network.

RTW has several advantages compared to traditional method of building IoT services. Here is few of them listed up:

End users:

  • Plug & Play
  • No installation
  • Privacy intact without third party involvement
  • Ownership preserved globally
  • Possible to earn money on objects that do work for other services

Service providers:

  • Shorten development time from weeks to minutes
  • Reduce investment since no middleware is needed
  • Shorten integration with other services from weeks to seconds

Product producers:

  • Shorten development time from months to days on prototypes
  • Possible to predict market acceptance before production
  • Access to global market
  • Shorten integration time with electronic providers from months to seconds

Electronic providers:

  • Shorten development time from months to days
  • Shorten integration time with other system vendors from months to seconds
  • Reuse of electronic component reduce development and production cost


Easier and faster development

Nornir offers several tools for developers, students, and companies that want to make their own microservice products and services. The tools can be used to create new services like a smart light control system, a smart sports shoe, an intelligent bed, screaming doors or any other crazy invention you may desire to develop.

Our tools allow you to do pilots and prototypes in a very quick and easy manner and scale this globally anytime.



The power of linked data, without middleware and API

Nornir Domain Service (NDS) is your application dashboard for managing you microservice network. It allows you to:

  • Define your own microservice and data structure
  • Link to other services to personalized real-time data streams
  • Link your services to 3rd party services to merge pieces of data into the same stream
  • Distributed access control to enable privacy and restrict access to data
  • Build your own ecosystem of microservices
  • Build AI and neural network of you microservices

Sign up today for early access to NDS and start exploring the fastest microservice network in the world.


Access Nornir Neural Web network

SynxPass is a single sign-on tool to keep your privacy throughout the event-driven blockchain network. With SynxPass, you avoid constant login demands and can control ownership of all your personal web resources including IoT objects and microservices.



Learn how to use our developer tools



Training the way you want it

Our In-house Tailored Training sessions are specifically designed to help you get the sessions you want for your company, answering the questions and leaving your team equipped with the knowledge they need.

Our tailored sessions allow for a great deal of flexibility and we are more than happy to adapt to fit your needs we’ll –

  • Accommodate any number of attendees, anywhere you need us and anytime you need us
  • Tailor the subjects covered, allowing you to mix and match content to get the course you want
  • Ensure that the course is delivered in a time frame suitable for you.


Open source community for everyone

We are providing an open source community and academic training programs for software developers, embedded hardware developers, IT-consultants, and everyone that is interested in Real Time Web technology and Event Driven Infrastructure.


Grow your ideas into digital or physical products

Whether you’re a major technology giant who needs competent and innovative assistance or an entrepreneur who seeks professional help to realise an idea. Nornir can offer all the expert skills an experience required to complete your project. We can develop your idea from yellow patch to finished commercialised products and/or services, with support every single step of the way.


Design thinking and design skills to help your ideas grow

Nornir’s in-house design team work closely with developers and radio experts to give you technical, interactive and functional prototypes. Also, we are well equipped with prototyping equipment, like 3D printer and CNC machine, to give your prototypes the professional finish you may be looking for.

Our design services include:

  • Industrial design
  • UI/UX design
  • Rapid prototyping


IoT hardware made easy

The ability to develop radio technology that can be used in all objects because the functionality can be online. You can use the same radio chip in the coffee maker, refrigerator, shoes, bicycle locks, picture frame and more because the logic and functionality are located on the web. Now you will save over 90% of the development costs compared to the way radio-enabled devices, products and services are produced today.

We consider ourselves particularly skilled in:

  • Sensor integration
  • Low energy radio communication
  • Battery-powered devices with longevity
  • Radio Communication – M2M
  • IoT radio coverage


Software development in the shortest possible time

Development of microservices has never been easier. With our developer tools and access to event-driven networking, you will be able to create the best real time systems for your IoE service. If you plan to develop machine learning, deep learning or IoT product and service, the Nornir NW platform is is the framework you will need. Our tools offer:

  • Easy Domain registration and maintenance
  • Authentication and ownership control
  • Unlimited scalability of your service or web resources
  • Redundancy (100% uptime)
  • Fastest IoE system in the world


Custom IoT/IoE hosting for your organization


Internet of things (IoT) related projects need wireless coverage using a different type of technologies. Nornir Neural Web (NW) platform is your private cloud experience with hosting and maintaining the physical infrastructure for smart cities using best practices approach for reducing implementation and maintenance cost.

Nornir NW offers unique ability to interconnect different wireless networks and unify clouds and platform silos together into a common framework. This is done without adding more complexity or changes to the existing system.

  • Physical and virtual hosting of IoT/IoE networks
  • Advanced protection against phishing and hacking
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support
  • Always online, guaranteed
  • Solid performance thanks to our DevOps approach


Unleashing the full potential of the Internet of Things

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